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Metaphorix® is the leading technique when you need to understand intensity of emotional engagement. It answers two key questions:

Conventional research, using verbal scales, forces people to rationalise about their feelings. This gives an incomplete answer as much of what we feel is hard to describe or even fully know rationally. In contrast, Metaphorix® bypasses this rational response, allowing people to show how they really feel.

Drawing on breakthrough findings from neuroscience and cognitive linguistics, Metaphorix® has captured the imagination of the research world, winning 11 award nominations, commendations and prizes since launch.

How it works
Metaphorix® is an engaging on-line experience that turns the conventional survey on its head. Respondents select an avatar to represent themselves in a series of animations that tap into universal primary metaphors. These are visual metaphors that have a proven link in our unconscious mind with key emotional states. There is no traditional questioning or verbal scales; respondents simply show us how they feel by moving their avatar. In this way, Metaphorix® is able to tap directly into authentic emotional response.

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